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10 Ways to Pack Like a Pro

Our advisors clock a lot of hours on planes. So you could say we are pros when it comes to finding really clever things to bring along and stay connected. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite must-haves to add to your next packing list.

Raden – Smart luggage that is all the rage. Two-built in chargers, a handle that doubles as a scale, location sensors to find your case in baggage claim.  What more could you ask for? – Jennifer Ho-Perez

Peaches and Lily face masksSkyroam Hotspot – Stop worrying about dreaded roaming fees when you travel with this unlimited global Wi-Fi service. You can buy or rent it. – Wonnie Baik

Sheet face masks – Long haul flight? Taking a nap? Apply a hydrating sheet mask while the lights are off and relax!  Wake up with glowing skin and no rinsing required. – Debbie Lopez

Dry shampoo – A travel-size can of this miracle powder is a major time saver when washing and drying your hair is out of the question. – Miriam Guillen

Oil of oregano (available at any natural food store or Whole Foods) – I never travel without it to wipe away any sign of a cold coming on. Simply dilute two drops of the oil in orange juice and prevent the onslaught of icky colds and flu! – Leah Winck

Garmin inReach – For when you absolutely must be connected, this handy pocket device lets you send and Living Proof Dry Hair Shampooreceive texts and short emails worldwide (including the North and South Poles) for a minimal monthly fee.  – Darin Jensen

A multi USB port charger – For couples or families on the go, with multiple phones, iPads and Apple Watches, you’ll never be caught short on outlets. – George Carrancho

What’s App? – Of course, it’s great for texting. But did you know you can also make free international phone calls, as long as you are on Wi-Fi?  – Thelma Abhyankar

XE Currency App – No matter where I am traveling, this app gives me live exchange rates for any currency in the world.
– Carlos Melia

An iPad fully loaded with books and favorite magazines – It’s all about traveling light. – Pierre-Alexandre Francin


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