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5 Outside the Box Vacations

Joining a group tour, especially as a solo traveler, can be daunting.  We found five experiences to shed your inhibitions, try something outside the box, and make lasting memories.


Who hasn’t felt the pressure of capturing the perfect shots on vacation? If only we could bring along a professional photographer instead of a selfie stick. El Camino Travel was founded to solve the dilemma. Lifestyle photo pros follow you along, snapping away as you have the time of your life in gorgeous Colombia and Nicaragua. Come solo as our Karina Martinez did, or with a buddy. You’ll leave having made lots of new pals, along with a magazine-worthy photo collection.


In 1988, professional wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum hatched the idea to include nature enthusiasts on his extraordinarily land and sea expeditions. Since then Big Animal Expeditions has taken small groups to experience some of the world’s most beautiful creatures in their peaceful, undisturbed habitat. Coming up in July is a swim with blue whales, the earth’s largest animal, in San Diego. In November he has organized a dive with orcas in Norway, amidst a backdrop of pristine fjords and the gleaming Northern Lights. Amos calls these ‘life experiences’ a perfect way to overcome personal limitations and fears. It’s also his way of reminding us that it’s not too late to save the planet’s majestic wildlife.


Each December, The Ultimate Travelling Camp takes a small group on a rare camping adventure to remote India…in pure luxury. Kohima Camp in Nagaland is a two-week opportunity to celebrate with 16 ethnic tribes during the Hornbill Festival from December 1-12. Days are filled with elaborate pageantry and dances, village visits, and more. Accommodations include 12 spacious, luxury tents, with hot showers, 24-hour butler service and a staff of 35. A resident chef prepares each sumptuous meal throughout your stay.


Bare Feet Tours offers culturally curious travelers the opportunity to see the world through dance. Whether you have two left feet or are an accomplished dancer, the bottom line is having fun, in a small group setting, and connecting with the local culture’s dance and music. The next open trip is a 9-day tour of Austria featuring the Viennese Ball season, live Mozart performances, and knee-slapping Schuhplattler dancing in the hills of Steiermark.


Ready to add exotic flair to your cooking repertoire? The International Kitchen organizes chef-led gastro-vacations to Peru, Turkey and South Africa, in addition to a dozen other destinations. Itineraries are customized to the group, with plenty of hands-on lessons, cultural experiences and excursions.

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