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5 Reasons a Travel Agent Beats D.I.Y.

globeWe in the travel agency business have been cheering the industry’s continued upswing, and 2014 looks just as promising. Sure, the improving economy plays a role. And more people are booking customized experiences. But here’s what really matters the next time you’re thinking about the D.I.Y. route:

We cut through the clutter.
Having choice is great. But having too many choices can get overwhelming and confusing, not to mention time consuming. The New York Times noted a survey of 2,000 travelers worldwide, where 20 percent said they spent more than five hours to book travel online. And nearly half said it took them more than two hours. One call to your agent can save endless hours.

We know the tricks of the trade to save you money.
We tackle your travel from an insider’s 360-degree perspective. At a minimum we negotiate the best rates, match rates, find upgrades, free meals, and food and beverage credits. These perks all add up. So do our relationships with airlines and properties to get you the best deals.

We think outside the screen.
Online booking is black and white. Agents work within shades of grey. Trouble shooting is our middle name. So is resourcefulness. We have our antennae way up and advise accordingly.

We offer the human touch.
A search engine can’t understand the importance of your 50th anniversary, or that you want to pop the question, or that your child would jump for joy seeing a care package from Superman in his hotel room. We make the magic happen because we can.

We’re your biggest advocate.
What happens when Mother Nature strikes and you’re stranded? Or you missed your connection? Our job is to get you home safely too. Avoid the long airport lines and endless waits to call centers. One call to your trusted agent will solve your dilemmas. As Erika Reategui puts it: “As your agent, I own your problem.”

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