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7 Inspiring Ideas for a Mother-Daughter Trip to Spain

With its diverse regions and captivating culture, Spain is a destination that will appeal to all types of travelers—making it the perfect place for a mother-daughter getaway. Whether the itinerary includes relaxing, exploring, learning a new skill—or a little bit of everything—this multicultural hotspot has it all. Our office in Madrid can easily arrange for a variety of experiences, helping to make a dream vacation a reality.

Here are 7 inspiring ideas for encountering the soul of Spain on a mother-daughter trip:

Study the sounds of Flamenco in Seville
Spend a week in Seville, where Flamenco fans will learn to play guitar at a local school—and discover first-hand the specific techniques and rhythms that make the music so unique. While there, enjoy the stunning architecture, food, language—and of course, music—that make this city in southern Spain so remarkable.

Shop with a fashion stylist in Madrid
Discover local designers and duck into under-the-radar boutiques in the fashionable neighborhood of Salamanca with a personal fashion stylist by your side. With prices often lower than in the U.S. and other European cities, you’ll be able to shop all the latest trends. Plus, Madrid offers mother-daughter fashionistas the perfect backdrop to enjoy the city’s enchanting art, history, and restaurants.

Cook in the Basque country
Learn the art of cooking in the Basque country—the cradle of Spain’s gourmet food scene and home to some of the country’s most decorated Michelin Star chefs. With the city of San Sebastian, which is bordered by the Cantabrian Sea, as your home base, experienced and budding foodies alike will enjoy a week of epicurean delights.

Sip wine in La Rioja
Visit a variety of wineries in La Rioja, which boasts award-winning vineyards and enchanting small properties. There, oenophiles will be able to discover or build on their talents by learning about the winemaking process, grapes of the region, ageing, and the four different classifications of Rioja wines.

Relax at the spa in Alicante
Reach total bliss at the world-renowned Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante. Mothers and daughters will love relaxing and focusing on their own wellness at this unique and peaceful retreat.

Bike along the Costa Brava
Hop on your bike and join a small group tour to cycle through the picturesque region of Catalonia and the Costa Brava. Outdoorsy mothers and daughters will marvel at the amazing terrain—from lush landscapes to ancestral villages—and also enjoy tapas, wine, and stays at charming properties.

Walk the Camino de Santiago
Follow in the footsteps of generations past—and lift your spirits in the process—with a trek along the Road to Santiago. The journey takes you to Santiago de Compostela, where you’ll enjoy all the traditions—and amazing food—of this capital city of Galicia, including the historic Cathedral, the burial place of the apostle Santiago.


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