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Adventures in Dubai + Abu Dhabi

In 1990, Dubai was a desert. Today it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing and safest cities, as well as a top tourist destination. Our adventure lovers Sekita Ekrek and Gabrielle Olson recently flew 14 hours to find out why it’s called The Manhattan of the Middle East. Combined with neighboring Abu Dhabi, this UAE getaway…

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Family Paradise in the Maldives

Honeymooners aren’t the only ones who should experience the blue lagoons of the Maldives. As our CEO Fernando Gonzalez discovered, they make a magical family vacation too. He shares why the island paradise is an F1S WONDERWALL destination. Why do the Maldives make a great family vacation? They’re perfect for anyone – young and old…

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F1S Bogota Doubles in Size

F1S Bogota, our South America hub, just keeps growing. While you may not deal with our Colombian super team directly, we consider them the magic elves to our senior advisors. The F1RST Desk handles the behind-the-scenes issues to ensure your travel plans run seamlessly, around-the-clock. Here are some of the F1S Bogota faces that make…

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