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WONDERWALL 2016 List Revealed

Looking for your own private Caribbean island? An exotic escape to the Atlas Mountains? Or watching the sun rise over a bamboo forest in Chiang Rai? Welcome to the F1S WONDERWALL. This year’s program explores 12 amazing regions around the world through 52 exquisite properties. Every month, we take you to a different region and…

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Just Back From: China

Each month F1S heads to our featured destination to share the best of the region with you. Our Asia expert Kathy Chou took a dizzying trip to Beijing, Chengdu, and Hong Kong where she stayed at our WONDERWALL properties and had the time of her life. You’ve been to China many times. Why would you…

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Panda Keeper for a Day

“Love at first sight” would best describe my first panda encounter. I recently spent time in Chengdu, China, home of the Great Panda. Most tourists come here to see the pandas in their natural habitat at one of several breeding centers. I chose the new Dujianyan Panda Research Center, which is the only one to…

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