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Four Transformative Journeys

Spa destinations have always been considered an ideal way to check out and reconnect with yourself. Sometimes getting away from it all isn’t enough. For those moments, often during big life changes, the getaway sparks a personal metamorphosis. Check out four wellness sanctuaries around the world that are designed to do just that: SHA Wellness…

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Just Back From: Lithuania

The Baltic State of Lithuania is a country filled with medieval castles, ancient forests and old fashioned charm. Our mother-daughter events team, Vida Talandis and Mona Behringer, found it a perfect reunion getaway as they joined four generations of family to explore their roots together. What was the purpose of your trip? Mona’s daughter, 16-year-old…

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Agent Spotlight: Thelma Abhyankar, Good-hearted Globetrotter

  Our corporate and luxury leisure specialist Thelma Abhyankar grew up taking flying for granted. As soon as her parents moved to the U.S. from India, they made it a point to travel as much as possible. During summers, they would take young Thelma on overseas visits to London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many trips…

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