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Agent Spotlight: Alison Corey

Alison-A lot has changed in the 30 years since corporate and leisure travel specialist Alison Corey first grew her business working with global banking, entertainment and fashion clients. “ I still  remember when we used to handwrite airline tickets,” she says.

What hasn’t changed is Alison’s love of travel. “My mother has a lot to do with it,” she explains. “She’s an amazing travel agent, and her passion for travel and the business rubbed off on me early on. She basically inspired my entire career.”

Her other travel inspiration was family vacations during grade school was . The Queens, NY, native recalls, “My family took some great trips – cruises, road trips, and Europe.” Her first trip to Europe at age nine included London, Paris, Venice, Rome and Lucerne. With its history, beauty and romance, Venice especially left an impression on her. She remembers standing in the Piazza San Marco eating gelato and feeding the pigeons. “I felt like I was in a fairytale hotel on water.”

Alison has passed her love of travel on to her teenage son. Cruising to Bermuda is their favorite place to go. “We keep going back because we know that we always have the best time. The compact size, the gorgeous beaches, the colorful houses. It’s all there.”

She loves sending clients on cruises and thinks it’s much better than flying. “The minute you’re on the boat, you’re on vacation. The shows, the food, the shopping. It’s a floating city.” She admits that she’s also eager to make it back to Italy soon for more than just the gelato.

Alison began at F1S in 1999 after several years at both corporate and leisure travel companies. Today most of her clients have been with her for more than 20 years. Getting to know her clients so well and for so long creates a special bond and trust. As one of her clients once said to her, “Once you find a hair dresser or doctor you love, you never want to go anywhere else.”  With enthusiasm, Alison is quick to add that she’s always happy to bring on new clients as well.

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