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Agent Spotlight: Carlos A. Martinez

Carlos_LPAt age 20, Carlos A. Martinez took his first flight ever from his native Ecuador. The journey to New York would change his life forever.

The F1S corporate specialist recalls, “My parents had lived in New York before us kids were born, so they always considered moving back.” Nevertheless, it was a big move. There was the language and culture barrier, navigating a huge city. Carlos says none of this got in his way. “I expected it to be challenging, but I was committed to making it work. I wasn’t afraid at all.”

He enrolled in Baruch College, and while studying to become an accountant, took a part-time job at a corporate travel agency. The owner quickly recognized potential and asked Carlos if he enjoyed travel. The rest, as they say, is history. Carlos’ new mentor taught him the ins and outs of the travel agency business.

When he was eligible for his first two-week vacation, his boss asked where he wanted to spend it. Carlos said he would go back to Ecuador. His boss persuaded him to spend half that time seeing a part of the world he had never been to, and gave him a ticket to Paris. It whet his appetite to see the world from that point on.

Today, the seasoned advisor works a lot with global companies doing business in South America. He’s seeing an ongoing growth in clientele as more international corporations are developing strategic alliances with Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia. “My clients have been with me a long time because they know they have my undivided attention. I service them as if I were the traveler.”

While he thinks New York is “the greatest city in the world,” for “opening up its arms” to him, Carlos is always thinking about the next destination to discover with his wife and teenage children.  For now, the short list includes Australia, Vienna and China. He wants to see if they join his growing list of favorites – Greece, Italy, Tokyo, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador.

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