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Agent Spotlight: Chad Rodarme, L.A. Power Agent

chad3-landingIn 2012, LA’s Chad Rodarme became the first West Coast-based travel associate with First in Service.  Two and a half years later, with the June 20th office opening in the private Santa Monica Airport, no one could be happier.

With his trademark larger than life personality, Chad exclaims, “The new office is pretty dope. We have full views of the runway and are located in the celebrity entrance of the terminal so it will be a very high profile spot.”

Chad knows a lot about servicing high profile clients. He spends his days as a personal travel concierge for Major League Baseball, fashion brands, finance, and entertainment production companies, as well as luxury leisure consulting. And with a 20-year background in airlines, hotels, event management and even as a celebrity PA, he’s been trained to understand “what clients need even before they realize it.”

He adds, “I always feel like I’m an extension of my client. For me saving money and bringing value is a given. It’s connecting with my clients and delivering that sincere human touch that makes all the difference.”

As a child Chad was always fascinated by travel. But it was his next door neighbors who worked for major airlines who would have an indelible impact on his career. “My neighbors worked for Delta and Northwest and were always bringing back such exotic gifts from Europe and Asia that we would never see in the US. I knew then that I wanted to see the world.”

There’s not much down time in Chad’s hectic schedule, but the Seattle native is always drawn to the outdoors to unwind. “The mountains are a special place for me to recharge my batteries having grown up in the Pacific Northwest.” He’s also hoping to get back to Hong Kong and Paris later this year.


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