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Agent Spotlight: Ingrid Uceta

ingrid storyAmerican Airlines has a special place in Ingrid Uceta’s heart. Our seasoned entertainment group specialist was a budding psychologist until the age of 12, when she boarded her first AA flight from Santiago, Dominican Republic, to New York.

“From then on, I was determined to be a flight attendant for the airline,” she explains. “Even as a girl, I liked to live for a challenge. I would always figure out a way to make things happen.” At the time, Ingrid certainly had her work cut out for her. First she had to move to New York from her native home in the Dominican Republic. Then learn English. Then finish school with good grades. She achieved it all and even graduated with honors.

When it came time for her first job interview, she was offered a position at AA headquarters, working for a vice president. Over the next 10 years, she credits the company with teaching her professionalism, integrity and a love of travel. She moved within departments from promotions to international sales to sales support. In sales support, she began working with the First in Service team, and made the jump to work for the travel company eight years ago.

Her problem solving skills come in handy every day. One of our VIP clients entrusted her with organizing his entire wedding in upstate NY. The tricky part was that he was marrying his bride in less than a month. She recounts, “The groom asked me to literally plan everything – from venue to catering, to the judge, photographer, hair and makeup, music, flowers, as well as flying in the guests from Buenos Aires. Because he wanted a garden wedding, we needed a backup plan too. Guess what. It rained, so my back up plan came in very handy. In the end, it was an incredible wedding – beautiful and intimate, just the way he wanted it.”

When she has time to unwind, beautiful beaches are her favorite place to visit with her two daughters. She highly recommends the Dominican Republic. “It is paradise, full of friendly people and amazing food. Anyone who goes, falls in love with it,” she sighs.

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