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Agent Spotlight: Peggy Knipp


In her thirty-plus years in the travel industry, there’s not much Peggy Knipp hasn’t done for her clients. From hiring prop planes in the jungle, to arranging international travel on an expired passport, to organizing a celebrity’s huge wedding twice in one month in two different countries, Peggy makes it happen.

The Brooklyn native is used to working with some of the most discriminating celebrities and executives. Peggy likes to call herself a “travel psychologist because the job involves so much more than arranging travel. You really have to understand your client.”

She admits she’s very protective of her clients. She recounts a story of one client who wanted to go to Bali for his honeymoon soon after local bombings had occurred: “It would have been a very easy booking because my client knew exactly where he wanted to stay. But I told him I didn’t feel comfortable sending him there and referred him to another agent. He took the trip against my advice and, sadly, on his trip a bomb went off near his hotel. After that, he said he’d never work with anyone but me again.”

Having had the privilege of traveling abroad as a teen made a lasting impact on her travel career. Her stepfather worked for TWA, so Friday afternoons for the family often involved boarding a plane at JFK to London to catch a Saturday show with a return on Sunday. As an airline brat, she had seen much of Europe by the time she was 18.

She enrolled in the local community college and majored in travel and tourism, eventually working for one of her professors in his storefront agency.  In the early 1990s, she joined a New York City agency specializing in entertainment and luxury leisure travel. There she built her portfolio of celebrity clients who needed one-of-a-kind travel planning.

In 2003 New York magazine named her a Top 10 travel agent for family vacation planning. In 2005, they selected her as a Top 10 travel agent for honeymoon planning.

She joined the F1S family in 2013. These days she’s very focused on her latest client, a leading social news and entertainment company. In her limited downtime, she loves traveling, horseback riding, reading and spending time on the beach. As a mother of two grown children, she also looks forward to planning her own adventures to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and East Africa.

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