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Agent Spotlight: Sherry Duksin, Dazzling Double Agent


For decades our luxury leisure advisor Sherry Duksin has led a double life. An expert travel professional since the mid ’60s, she modestly shares that along the way she has also had a full career as a speech language pathologist.

A zen attitude (not to mention expert juggling skills) gets her through her schedule. A supervisor at Bellevue Hospital’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, she specializes in traumatic brain injury. When the city has high profile trauma cases in the news, Sherry is often involved in the rehabilitation. Her challenges are so different, she explains, “In the mornings, my patients at the hospital are crying because they can’t communicate. And in the afternoon, my clients cry because they can’t get an aisle seat.”

Her love of advocacy makes both roles feel important and effortless. She values the difference she makes in people’s lives, whether championing a cause for a patient or a client. On one rare occasion her worlds collided. She was treating a patient who was the victim of a high profile crime case. NBC “Dateline” decided to do a story on the case and interviewed Sherry. When the piece aired on TV, several of her travel clients called baffled why she was impersonating a speech pathologist.

World travel fascinated her at an early age but, like many kids, she didn’t think it was possible. That is until a babysitting job as a teen led her to work part time at a travel agency. Suddenly, at 16 she found herself traveling the globe. During her grad school years in New York, it wasn’t uncommon for her to be in class on a Monday morning after having spent the weekend in Hawaii.

Adventure is a big part of what keeps travel exciting for Sherry. She always encourages her clients to explore their wildest travel dreams. Her fondest memories include hot air ballooning over the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya, heli-hiking in the Canadian Rockies, horseback riding through the Grand Tetons, and boating along the Amazon River. It’s no surprise that the next destinations on her list – South Africa, Cuba and India – involve great adventure too.

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