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F1S Tastemakers: El Ganzo’s Music Guru

When Mark Rudin was asked to design the recording studio for the sexy, new Hotel El Ganzo, the veteran musician had no idea how big a role he would have in shaping the arts scene of Los Cabos. Three years later, it’s Cabo’s “epicenter of music and art,” a stage for award-winning performers jamming on the rooftop, a popular video series known as El Ganzo Sessions, and a thriving artist-in-residence program. It also has a celebrity following; rocker Adam Levine married Behati Prinsloo there. We recently sat down with El Ganzo’s Director of Music and Media to hear why the hotel brings out the inner artist in all of us.


Why are art and music so important at El Ganzo?
It’s important for Los Cabos to have something like El Ganzo. Cabo has this partying reputation, and is not really known for its music scene. We’re located in Puerto Los Cabos, a newer area with an artistic vibe that centers around El Ganzo.

If I’m not an artist, will I still appreciate being there?
El Ganzo is a place that will automatically spark your creative fire. From the moment you arrive, you’re surrounded by art. The hotel is a kind of blank canvas for our artists, where you’ll find murals, paintings and installations in various stages of development. So you see the work being created before your eyes. The music you hear has been curated by me to reflect our musical standards. Our artists in residence are busy recording tracks all week in our studio, and on Saturdays we invite our guests to the rooftop for an intimate concert experience. I encourage guests to tour the recording studio too.

How did you get involved with the hotel?
I’ve been a musician for 25 years – working as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer. Pablo Sanchez-Navarro, the founder of the El Ganzo concept, reached out to me to design and oversee construction of the Underground Recording Studio. The relationship quickly took off and I’ve been here ever since.

Is the Artist in Residence program a trend we’ll be seeing more of in hotels?
I’d like to see more of it, but it’s still not very common since it’s so difficult to pull off. When asking artists to offer their art in exchange for something other than money, there needs to be a trust that is built between you and the artist. The most important thing is to take great care of the artists so that they feel comfortable with everything from accommodations to how their monitors sound on stage.


What are you most excited about this summer at El Ganzo?
I can’t wait to have Telefunka come this August. Telefunka is an important band in Mexico since they were one of the country’s pioneers of the electronic music movement. I’m also excited about the diversity that it will bring to our music program.

What are your favorite things to do while staying there?
Probably the best thing that you can do is head over to our beach club, do some SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding), get some tacos and ceviche and have a margarita. Then head up to the rooftop for a killer sunset and a great concert.

What’s next for you?
I’m always looking for the next artist to book at El Ganzo. I want to continue to book high quality and genre diverse artists to add to our awesome roster. And I’m also still working on my own music and planning to release a solo EP before the end of the year.

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