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Meet the Newest Faces at F1S

Our three expert advisors boast over 30 years of experience, giving First in Service Miami a presence in bespoke luxury travel. Get to know our Miami movers and shakers.

StacyStacy Weigant

Stacy credits her family for cultivating her devotion to travel at an early age. Her parents took her traveling all over the U.S., Central America, and Asia, igniting her passion for exploration. Landing her first job after college with an airline enabled her to further explore the world. Having gained travel experience and business savviness, Stacy transitioned over to the agency side of travel, focusing on luxury leisure travel. She specializes in luxury and exotic travel, including honeymoons and multi-generational travel.

My favorite destinations are…Southern Africa – especially Namibia and Botswana, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Italy

In the near future… I plan to explore Western Australia, Iceland, and Japan

I love travel because…it breaks down barriers between people and opens one’s mind to understanding and accepting other cultures.

LioraLiora Manilof

When you ask Liora Manilof about her start in the travel industry, one word comes to mind – Serendipity. Upon graduating from college, Liora Manilof took a leap of faith and joined a friend’s travel agency as a consultant. It was supposed to be a temporary position, but her love of travel won out and led Liora to pursue her dream job. The rest is history. “It was not what I intended to pursue but ever since I got into this industry, I cannot imagine doing anything else.” She describes herself as a well-traveled, passionate, adventuresome person who is willing to share experiences with others. Beyond her role as an advisor, Liora is a traveler who loves life, journeys, culture and learning. Liora specializes in creating luxury bespoke experiences from an “insider perspective.”

My favorite destinations are…Barcelona, Iceland, Cape Town and Ireland

In the near future… I plan to visit Sri Lanka, Peru and the Galapagos

I love travel because… I enjoy exploring different countries, experiencing their cultures and discovering the “underground” hidden gems.

ArleyneArleyne Espinel

In 2014, Arleyne Espinel began coordinating her own honeymoon with a professional planner and that experience, alone, culminated her desire to learn more about the travel industry. It was then that she realized that a honeymoon is a big investment and that planning a dream honeymoon warrants a professional touch. “My honeymoon was amazing. We went to Napa Valley, Qualia on Hamilton Island, and snorkeled The Great Barrier Reef in Sydney, Australia. I realized that I could not have done the same trip, on my own.” Arleyne’s ‘aha!’ moment was realizing she could provide the added value she experienced during her own honeymoon to others. As a Corporate Financial Analyst, Arleyne had only ever planned her own travel and found it very rewarding. It did not take long for Arleyne and her husband to make the life-changing decision to trade in their corporate jobs for the travel world. Having always had an entrepreneurial spirit and an attention to detail, she made the jump to leisure travel in 2015 and has not looked back. Now, Arleyne is in the business of making other happy couples’ dreams come true. Her specialties include luxury honeymoons, cruises, and destination Miami.

My favorite destinations are….so many, but if I had to pick a top 3: Napa Valley, UAE, and Seychelles.

In the near future…I plan to go to Abu Dhabi

I love travel because…when I journey to a new destination, I set out to explore new food, wine, and culture. My thirst for travel is rooted in the lack of travel in my childhood and adolescence. I was raised by a single mom and travel beyond the annual trek to Disney World just wasn’t financially feasible. As a young adult, I put myself through college, and only dipped a toe in the water as far as traveling goes. Once I finally started traveling, I knew I was hooked for life. The thrill of visiting a place or trying something for the first time never gets old.


Interview by Candice Watts

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