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Meet the Newest Travel Influencers: Generation Z

Swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands. Learning about astronomy in Australia. Snowmobiling on a glacier in Iceland. While these might not sound like the typical activities done on family vacations of generations past, it’s exactly the kind of experiences that appeal to the newest crop of young travelers—and their families.

But who are these young travelers? Meet Generation Z. Born between approximately 1995 and 2012, depending on who you ask, this cohort is quickly outpacing millennials as the generation to watch. And for good reason: Research has shown that members of this generation are looking for authentic and immersive experiences and are, of course, inspired by the destinations they see on social media platforms, like Instagram.

And while the oldest Gen Z-ers are already graduating college, the bulk are tweens and teens who are still traveling with their families. Many have been hitting the road with their parents (usually members of Generation X) since they were young, and are both knowledgeable about travel and interested in what their trips will entail.

Enlisting the help of an advisor is a great way to create these one-of-a-kind experiences that meet the needs of the entire family—from amenities to budget to Instagrammable views—and ensure that everyone has an amazing time.

What can these educational and engaging experiences include? It could be a personal visit with a zoologist in Australia to learn about and get up close and personal with koalas and kangaroos, or seeing the jungle canopy and going on nighttime walks in the Amazon in Ecuador, or even horseback riding on Icelandic horses in the Golden Circle and walking along and dining inside a volcano in Iceland.

These young members of Generation Z will continue to influence the travel industry as they go out and see the world in their own way. And there’s no better time than now to cultivate these travel experiences for them—experiences that will stretch the borders of their imaginations and create lifelong memories for the entire family.


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