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Spookiest Places in America

Who doesn’t love a good scare on Halloween? Our team picks some of their favorite haunts around the country for a bloody good time.

Ghost of Kate Morgan at The Del

Ghost of Kate Morgan at The Del

The Hotel del Coronado, San Diego

In 1892, beautiful Kate Morgan checked into this venerable hotel…and never checked out. After five heartsick days waiting for a young man who never came, she was found dead on a staircase with a gunshot to her head. Today the ghost of Kate is apparently quite active, responsible for many harmless pranks on the sprawling resort. Lately the gift shop has been experiencing a high volume of glasses flying off the shelves and pictures falling off the walls. www.hoteldel.comMayla Melo, leisure specialist

The Salem Inn

The Salem Inn

Salem Inn, Salem, MA

For years, every October I would stay at the Salem Inn for girls’ weekend. The town is full of witch trial reenactments, haunted walks at night, the Salem Witch Museum, and Frankenstein’s Castle. But our hotel was just as spooky. In the middle of one night, the bathroom sink inexplicably turned on. It woke my friend and me up. She thought I did it, and I thought she did it. She shut it off, went back to bed, and an hour later, it was on again! We had to call her mother in the next room to come in and shut it because we were too spooked to get out of bed. – Peggy Knipp, corporate and leisure specialist

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

I love the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for some famous celebrity hauntings. People have ‘spotted’ Marilyn Monroe in a mirror that once hung near her poolside suite 1200. Montgomery Clift, who lived at the hotel for months while rehearsing for his film, “From Here to Eternity,” is said to be heard playing his trumpet and rehearsing his old lines from room 928. The hotel has many secret alcoves and walls – just like a scene right out of “Scooby Doo.” – Jennifer Ho, corporate specialist

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

One if by Land, Two if by Sea, New York City

My favorite haunt is right here in New York City. One if by Land, Two if by Sea is actually a lovely, romantic restaurant in the West Village. But the staff says it’s haunted by at least 20 different ghosts from all time periods, including a Ziegfeld Follies girl, and a woman dressed in a black gown. Inexplicably creepy frights include plates flying, strange drafts by the bar, flickering lights, or machinery turning on when no one is around. The building was the carriage house of Vice President Aaron Burr and his spirit has been known to roam the halls too! – Erika Reategui, president

Hotel Monteleone - Carousel bar lounge - New Orleans

Hotel Monteleone

French Quarter, New Orleans

I love “America’s most haunted city” – New Orleans! With hundreds of years of voodoo and witchcraft, it’s ideal for exploring the supernatural. Join revelers, in some of the most outlandish costumes you’ll ever see, spilling out onto the streets of the French Quarter. Definitely visit the famous St. Louis and Lafayette cemeteries, and take a haunted tour. You have to stay at the haunted Hotel Monteleone, where, according to the property, you’ll never want to leave – and some never do! The staff is happy to warn you about the unusual occurrences on the 14th floor. – Vida Talandis, events

The Winchester Mystery House - San Jose CA

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

This creepy Victorian mansion was built by Sarah Winchester, the wealthy widow who married into the Winchester rifle family. When she lost both her husband and daughter, she was told that her house was cursed and forever haunted by the ghosts of those killed by the Winchester rifle. To escape the phantoms, she spent the next 38 years building on the property for 24 hours a day until her death. Today people say her ghost roams the 160-room house, with mile-long hallways, staircases to nowhere, and doors that open into walls. – Marina Zayas, administration

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sleepy Hollow, NY

This charming village turns downright ghoulish in October, with lantern tours through its famous cemetery, the final resting place of author Washington Irving. Carefully peek through the shadows to avoid a brush with the famous Headless Horseman on a foggy night. While watching your step, you’re also blown away by the number of famous people buried on the grounds — from member of the Rockefellers to Andrew Carnegie, Estee Lauder, Leona Helmsley, and even a Revolutionary War captain. – Sekita Ekrek, marketing


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