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Start a New Family Tradition: Traveling with Your College-Bound Kids

‘Tis the season for family vacations. No matter where you’re headed, it’s the time of year when families get to have some well-deserved time together. And while this type of travel is nothing new, one trend we’re seeing more often lately: Parents setting aside time for a special trip with the college-bound kids.

“Time goes by so quickly. The first day of school seems like yesterday, but fast forward 15 years and my daughter, Marlee, is all grown up and about to leave home for university—and most likely never to come back on a permanent basis,” says Janet, one of First in Service’s clients. “I really wanted to slow down this whole process of her leaving and decided that I would love to spend a week with her away.”

The pair decided on Ibiza as their destination of choice—and left shortly before Marlee was set to start at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

And, says Janet, the trip was wonderful: “The time we spent together—the sun, the sand, the bluest waters, the quiet, the reading, the napping, the shopping and sightseeing; the breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as the nightlife—were just amazing!”

Most importantly, it allowed mother and daughter to not only slow down and spend uninterrupted time together, but to relate as adults, and create lasting memories—an experience she highly recommends. “We talked a lot and laughed till our faces hurt, and we hugged and reminisced about the last few years and even shed some tears,” says Janet.

And they’re not the only ones. Other families have also booked travel around the world with their headed-to-college or returning-to-college kids, whether to explore a new country, like Russia, or to have a great trip closer to home. Plus, it can be beneficial for teens and their parents.

“I will always treasure our special time together, which helped soften the anxiety and unknown anticipation of heading off to university for the both of us,” says Janet. “I am already looking forward to taking my son away next summer before he heads off to University.”

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