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Why You Need a Travel Advisor

“Curating a travel experience is an art,” says our Carolyn Bernstein, who runs travel for LVMH, the world’s leading luxury goods brand. “It takes a talented advisor to know your tastes, your habits, and your idea of an unforgettable trip.”

Perhaps that’s why more millennials than ever are using an experienced specialist to plan their travel.

“Some clients only want Michelin-starred restaurants,” she adds. “Others are looking to absorb the local culture and eat where the locals go. My job is to make sure they both get what they want.”

Human touch is also essential to smart planning, according to our CEO Fernando Gonzalez. “Travel is expensive and complicated. A computer algorithm isn’t going to interpret your travel request and match it with price, goals and feelings.”

He explains, “Technology does have an important role to play. It puts a lot of resources at our advisors’ fingertips to get the results you want. But it’s no substitute to personal touch.”

Our Asia specialist Kathy Chou uses this analogy: “An architect helps you realize the dream house you always wanted to build. An experienced travel advisor helps you realize the journey you always wanted to take.”

Our team shares even more reasons to work with a travel advisor:

We do the legwork. “Time is money. We can help you find the deals you desire in a fraction of the time. Most people would spend hours on websites trying to match up deals but we have the resources to expedite that process.” – Maria Mendez

We read the fine print. “Expedia does not owe you a refund if you book online and your hotel overbooks you. Tell that to the family that got stranded after getting turned away on vacation. That wouldn’t happen with us!” – Donatella Braghiero

We solve problems. “If you book air or a tour directly with the vendor, good luck getting an issue sorted out while on the trip!  If you use a travel expert, we are your advocate to get problems resolved to your satisfaction.”  Thelma Abhyankar

We love details. “Diet Coke only? Red not black licorice? We make sure your welcome amenities include your favorite treats. This goes a long way with families because parents are always touched when their kids are happy.” – Jennifer Ho-Perez

We’re insiders. “We have the personal relationships and industry knowledge. From trade shows to hotel inspections to knowing concierges all over the world.”  Mayla Melo

We’re there 24/7. “If you have a travel emergency, we’re a phone call away.”  Karina Martinez

We value relationships. “Like any important advisor in your life, we care about building trust and having lasting client relationships. It’s amazing to have the grown kids of my clients using my services.” – Peggy Knipp

We’re passionate about travel. “Our team is always exploring new destinations, hotels and activities to recommend to our clients. We know about new trends and openings before you do.”  Sekita Ekrek

We’re committed. “We travel virtually with you. From the moment you leave until you come back home safely.”  Erika Reategui

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