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YOLO Honeymoons

It’s your honeymoon and you’ll only live it once. Why not make it a one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience that will stay with you forever?


Couples around the world are seeking more than a tropical island getaway; they’re increasingly opting for exotic destinations about which they’ve only read in the pages of travel magazines. Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Islands and the Mediterranean Coast are just a few of the instaworthy destinations appealing to honeymooners. However, an exotic destination is not all that defines a YOLO honeymoon. In essence, a YOLO honeymoon means more of everything you desire in your dream honeymoon. From taking a micro light flight over Victoria Falls to camping with the Masai Mara in Kenya, from sleeping under the stars in the Atacama Desert in Chile to partaking on a luxury hiking safari in the Dolomites, the experience is what makes the YOLO honeymoon complete.

As advisors, we guide you through the endless world of possibilities and help tailor an experience that is unforgettable and truly cherished by you and your spouse.

Our very own Antonio Gutierrez and his wife Angela just returned from their YOLO honeymoon in Africa. In the following article, they invite us into their romantic, adventurous, thrilling, and culturally enlightening experience that, according to Angela, was like “a gift that kept on giving.”

We say there is only one thing to keep in mind when planning your YOLO honeymoon, or any trip for that matter: you only live once, so make this and every experience count.

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